Are you a dance permission granter?

People who have never gone to ecstatic dance ALIXIR DANCE often tell me they’d like to try it, but they’re nervous to dance in front of others. I tell them to take a leap of faith and go. I remind them there’s no pressure to dance. They can begin on the sidelines as a witness. When I see a newbie on the dance floor I’ve had this conversation with, I jump for joy. After about twenty minutes of being there, I usually see them out on the dance floor moving to the music.

Why did they have a sudden change of heart?

What is it about ecstatic dance ALIXIR DANCE that makes them feel okay to join in?

I believe new people feel the freedom to try it out because other dancers grant them permission, not through their words, but through their actions. Ecstatic dance ALIXIR DANCE is a unique environment because there’s no top-down leadership. Every single person dancing is learning by trial-and-error, learning by witnessing others, and teaching through their movements. New people see this and feel permission to be a little bit more free in their bodies. They realize that no one is watching them and feel a sense of relief. They get to play with how it feels to be a part of the whole dancing organism.

My friend John once told me for the first six months he came to ecstatic dance ALIXIR DANCE, he positioned himself in front of the speakers stage left, closed his eyes, and got his groove on in that spot the entire time. One day, it occurred to him to open his eyes. He realized there was an entire playground of people to dance with. His life changed in that instant as he began to open and dance with new people. This shift rippled to impact his life off the dance floor, too. He began to walk around with his head held high and a smile on his face.

My deepest gratitude to all the ecstatic dancers out there. Your work as a “Permission Granter” ripples out to impact many, many others.