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You know the power and freedom of movement. You’ve seen, lived and breathed the transformation that happens when bodies, minds and spirits become swept away in a collective, transcendent dance experience. It’s called “ecstatic” for a reason. Because it takes to you to a place that is beyond definition and description. And, once you’ve gone there, you’re hooked. You want to go again, and again, and again.

But, there’s something else that happens. You want to take others with you. And, at some point, you’ve also probably thought, “what would it feel like to lead this experience?” Even better, “what if I could be that person, and create the world I want to live in?!”

Welcome to the Ecstatic Dance Event Producer Training! I’m thrilled you’re considering this online training.

If you’re here, you either:

  • Love dance and wonder if you can turn your passion into a meaningful career.
  • Are a dance or yoga teacher who wants to touch more lives and step into your full potential as a leader.

I’m on a mission to create more spaces where people can transform through dance, because dance has saved our lives many times. Can you relate? But, as we all know, it’s not just about the space—someone’s gotta step up and lead the experience.

I’ve learned a lot in the past decade of facilitating Ecstatic Dance Oakland, the largest weekly conscious dance on the planet, and feel a deep calling to give you a structure and full support so that you can share this life-changing practice with your community.

This is the ninth time this training will be offered, and every time it’s gotten better and better!

During the 8 week self-paced course you will:

  • Gain the skills you need to become an entrepreneur who can run a successful event.
  • Craft a comprehensive plan and an inspiring vision for creating a strong dance community.
  • Get done-for-you tools that will enable you to manage your event, like custom designed systems to keep track of for sign-ins, attendees, etc.
  • Cultivate a network of fellow dancer leaders who are on the same journey and create deep, life long friendships.
  • Step up and become a more powerful leader in your community.
  • Learn to support others and find the support and camaraderie that will keep you focused beyond the training.

I want you to leave this training feeling like I’ve got your back, so I’ve made sure not to leave anything out. After the training, you’ll have what you need to create your dance from a place of knowledge, power, and understanding.

some of our past students

Who this is for:

  • You want to be a thought leader, on the cutting edge of taking this practice out into the world.
  • You’re excited by the idea of bringing Ecstatic Dance to your community, and feel now is the right time.
  • The calling is strong and you feel like this is the work you need to do in the world.
  • You are self motivated and ready to do the work to step into your full leadership potential.
  • You can’t stop thinking and dreaming about it.

If this is you, then join me and become a leader in a movement sweeping the globe.

What our students are saying…

“It’s quite mind-blowing how much can happen in a year. I believe the instant success of Ecstatic Dance UK is largely due to the incredible support network my teachers have put in place for their graduates. Feeling so much gratitude and love for my ED family.” -Renee Lacroix, Ecstatic Dance UK

“The humility, approachability, ease, professionalism, and fun with which the material has been presented warms my heart and anchors me in confidence. This training has far exceeded my expectations and deeply nurtured my intentions. I feel bolstered in my commitment to serve my community through movement medicine because I’ve learned countless techniques for keeping myself grounded and holding space for others. This training has given me an expanded scope on my own personal processes and work flow. The curriculum gets as deep into the mind as it does the molecules, bones and heart. Donna carries herself with a confident, clear, self-loving and boundary-honoring presence that gives everyone permission to rise authentically and sing their heart song. She inspires me to dance the path of a heart-centered entrepreneur with grace, ferocity and ease.” -Atticus Mooney, Ecstatic Dance Washington, D.C.

“This training has given me a comprehensive plan for beginning, middle and end, and also the freedom to take my individuality and create a dance that reflects what I want to bring to my community. The connections I’ve created with everyone run deeper than most connections I’ve made in other avenues of my life. I feel held, supported, and loved. I now have a network to call on while I break out on my own. Leaving with a deep feeling of tribe and community is priceless.” -Leonie Staab, Washington State

“The training has helped me gain more clarity into relating to what I’ve always felt and known as a heart offering and a business that deserves my attention.” -Flo Aliviado, Los Angeles

Ecstatic Dance called me out of my home to create a bigger home—a place where people can connect from their heart and where miracles can happen. I am so glad I could receive more Ecstatic Dance in my life, and this could grow into a bigger community, out of my country’s borders.” Els Verbruggen, Ecstatic Dance Belguim

“My heart and soul were nourished and my mind fed. I truly feel the hands of those who shared this experience holding me, support offered and received in gratitude. The wisdom I gained is the reason this journey feels less scary. With an open heart and a ton of knowledge, I embark on my soul’s journey.” -Deana Cooper, Ecstatic Dance Watsonville

“I most liked the attitude to embody all the things we were focusing on: everything that we approached rationally, we then took the time to integrate it into the body. I liked our work on the vision of what we want to bring to the world with Ecstatic Dance. This helped me realize the main reason I am doing this: to bring people together to feel our oneness. I loved the daily embodiment and movement practices.” Pere Merced, Ecstatic Dance Shanghai and Beijing

“What I enjoyed most about this training was the amazing balance struck between the physical and metaphysical; the intellectual and emotional; and a focus on the individual as a connected being in community.” -Steve Rathmann, Ecstatic Dance Watsonville

“We came in as individuals with a bunch of ideas, hopes and fears. We had the chance to share them all and dance our way through it. We received all the tools we needed to bring our aspirations into actions. All that melted us together as a group and heart-centered community. This training was a full ecstatic dance experience. It was all about authenticity, connections, collective healing and empowering one another. I feel the drive to co-create dances around the world with our amazing team, dive into the DJ’s path, and shine a light everywhere I go.” -Anais, Belgium

“I knew that this training would be transformational, but I didn’t realize how much it would transform me. I feel more confident, not just because of all the valuable information, but also because the exercises asked me to uncover new parts of myself. I feel I can be an effective leader and facilitator. After a week of learning, being coached and being held, I can honestly say that I’m now ready to step into my greatness.” -Charisma, Los Angeles

“The intention and on-point energy put into every detail came through strongly and I really appreciated it. What I liked most was our group and our open-hearted connections and respect for each other. I also loved the space and the teachers’ diverse yet equally powerful teaching styles.” -Alicia Kelly, Ecstatic Dance Reno

“I felt it was the right time to start waking my creativity. Dancing felt like the exact thing I needed since I have always loved to dance but had not done so in a very long time. I was also in search of my tribe, since I had to let go of some of my relationships since walking the transformational path. I really needed to feel a sense of belonging and support. I was guided by Spirit and supported by Donna on my week here.” -Fabiana, Miami

“I love this more than anything in life. Ecstatic Dance is always there for me no matter what else is going on–what a gift to give to the world. I want to do that for people. The experience for me was opening, pushing, nurturing, accepting and brought a part of me back to life and then grew that part of me. It was amazing to get to know everyone and to get to learn from them! I feel so grateful.” – Star, Santa Cruz

“I really liked the blend between information, dance and movement, and time for reflection–basically, the blend between body and mind. This was an amazing experience. Beyond the content, it just felt really good to be here. I felt supported, safe, nurtured, and seen. Thank you so much.” -Omar Aena, Ecstatic Dance NYC

“This far surpassed anything I could have ever imagined. The transformation and healing that took place is beyond my wildest knowings. Wow. It all still feels like a dream, but it’s real!!!” -Raj Inder, Ecstatic Dance Milwaukee

“I loved the opportunity to jump into a sweet group of loving people—to be seen and strengthened where I felt unconditional support. As I advance as a facilitator and organizer, a broader perspective and knowledge from a number of experienced community leaders helps my own vision grow. The experience reminded me of my purpose sharing Ecstatic Dance. I leave feeling grounded, nourished and seen. I appreciate the group of friends I’ve made and the resources I’ve been given to call upon.” -Adam, Ecstatic Dance Oakland

“Now I feel much more prepared and confident to successfully launch Ecstatic Dance Mallorca.” -Hortensia Barbara, Ecstatic Dance Mallorca

During the eight week self-paced training, you receive:

  • All videos and worksheets for every week’s lessons for 8 weeks.
  • Online training with Donna Carroll, founder of Ecstatic Dance International and cofounder of Ecstatic Dance Oakland.
  • Custom Ecstatic Dance Event Producer worksheets, including time-tested marketing materials, checklists and guides to keep you moving forward with confidence every step of the way.
  • Weekly self study guides.
  • Private Ecstatic Dance Event Producer Training Facebook group membership so you can have ongoing support from your peers.
  • Structures that will keep you on track and will help you get the support of accountability buddies and mentors.
  • Official Ecstatic Dance Event Producer graduate certification.
I am a human being who gets transformed by dance

About your teacher, Donna Carroll:

Dubbed “a leader and luminary in the in the global dance movement,” Donna utilizes her decade and a half of experience to lead people through an innovative approach to become thriving dance entrepreneurs. Donna is the founder and CEO of Ecstatic Dance International, which provides trainings and retreats for Ecstatic Dance leaders, event producers, entrepreneurs, conscious dance founders, DJs and teachers. She has trained over 100 people through her programs, and has committed her life to empowering others to find freedom through freeform dance and movement.

Donna is the creator and cofounder of Ecstatic Dance Oakland, the largest weekly conscious dance on the planet, bringing over 300 people together every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening in Oakland, California. Ecstatic Dance Oakland has been called, “a cross between a yoga class, a rave and a church service,” has been featured on NPR, in the Huffington Post, the SF Chronicle, The NY Times, Common Ground Magazine, and in a blockbuster movie starring the singer Pink.






Investment: $399 USD /// or 5 monthly payments of $95 USD

Important Notes: You need a computer and a reliable wifi connection for this course.

  • The roadmap to setting up or growing your Ecstatic Dance community."

  • Now I can really acknowledge my classes as a business."

  • This was the loving push out of the nest that I needed."

  • I really feel I landed into my tribe."

  • The best training in the field of dance in connection to business."

  • I feel empowered to take the next steps to make this happen."


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