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It’s time to get your Ecstatic Dance out there the right way! The Ecstatic Dance Membership program will give you the resources to grow your Ecstatic Dance.

Available to all Ecstatic Dance Leadership graduates and established Ecstatic Dances (by application), the membership provides you with access to in-depth educational and marketing materials and special benefits and privileges.

Ecstatic Dance Member Benefits

Profile page & event listings on, including custom URL

  • Promote and share Ecstatic Dance with your own page. e.g.
  • Add pictures, background information, location links, event dates, FAQ’s, team bios, DJ bios, testimonials, and other details about your events

Get found on the Ecstatic Dance global searchable map

Customizable Marketing Materials, including…

  • An array of resources and tools to effectively communicate about and share your dance both online and offline
  • Custom postcard templates
  • Facebook template
  • Custom passes and VIP pass templates
  • Comment cards

An extensive toolkit of easily customizable PDFs to have professionally printed for in-person marketing the day of your dance

  • Custom logo banner for front door (great for selfies, which expand your online visibility and reach)
  • Logo banner for front sign-in table and DJ table
  • Ecstatic Dance official guideline signs
  • Logo water bottle stickers
  • Progressive bathroom signs

Administrative worksheets to effectively and simply run the business

  • Customizable welcome sheet for new dancers
  • Sign-in sheet
  • Front door administrative sheet
  • Logo email sign-up sheet for newsletter

Checklist and Guide PDFs

  • Leasing a space checklist and mini online course
  • Ecstatic Dance music guide
  • Volunteer checklist
  • Building your team guide
  • Brand guidelines

Retreats and Advanced Trainings

  • Access to leadership retreats (for an additional fee)
  • Access to advanced trainings (for an additional fee)


The Ecstatic Dance Membership auto renews in monthly intervals.

Price: $29 USD per month

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