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At Ecstatic Dance Nelson, we join together as a supportive community to dance wildly and freely in a safe, inspiring and substance-free space. People connect with themselves, spirit and one another through freeform dance and music. Ecstatic Dance Neslon is a woman owned and operated business.

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Saturday January 12
8:00-8:45pm Warm Up Set with Bernice Raabis
8:45-10:45pm Ecstatic Dance with Sasha Rose
10:45-11:00pm Sound Healing and Closing

Cost: $15 at the door

Meet the Team

  • Bernice Raabis
    Bernice Raabis


    Bernice Raabis
    Bernice Raabis

    Bernice has been a dancer all her life—the driving force behind becoming a successful DJ. After thousands of hours learning the skill of sourcing tracks, crafting soundscapes and perfecting transitions, she stepped into her career as an internationally touring DJ at Ecstatic Dances in Amsterdam, Breda, Nelson, Big Sur, Bellingham, and Oakland as well as Kooetnay Spirit Fest, Dance Camp North West, Esalen Institute, Womaginarium, and Gathering of the Tribes, among others.

    Bernice is a graduate of the Tamalpa Institute of San Francisco, where she studied dance as a therapeutic tool. She is a certified Soul Motion facilitator and has held a Dance Church in her hometown of Nelson BC in Canada since 2010.


  • Sasha Rose
    Sasha Rose


    Sasha Rose
    Sasha Rose

    Sasha Rose is a Canadian singer/songwriter, musician, DJ and producer. Born into a musical family, she started learning guitar, flute, African djembe and piano at age 5. In 2009, Sasha became a DJ for Ecstatic Dances throughout the world. Her popularity with dancers comes from her hybridization of original production featuring her celestial vocals with carefully selected inspirational dance tracks. Her performances flow from heart song grooves to tribal rhythms to down tempo dance dub to ecstatic inspirational ascensions. As a producer, Sasha creates soundscapes bridged by her soulful voice and a variety of live instrumentation. Sasha has released two solo acoustic albums as Sasha Butterfly and has recorded vocals on over 30 projects including two Random Rab albums. In 2011 she co-produced Qi Goddess with Jami Deva, geared towards healing and meditation.

    Website | SoundCloud | Facebook

Our Location

Ecstatic Dance Nelson is located at the Moving Centre @
533A Baker St, Nelson, British Columbia V1L 4H5

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