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Ecstatic Dance Bern's Sun•Day Dance is 90 minutes of family friendly free-style dance to a varied mix of music: pop, world, electronica, alternative & punk, hip-hop, new age and traditional, among others.

Our Sun•Day Dance is conceived as a journey, namely: 'The Hero's Journey'.

Every dance is a new opportunity to heed the call to adventure, cross a threshold into the unknown, meet new and old friends, deal with demons, experience ordeal, revelation, transformation, reward, atonement and return.

You are free to dance this journey alone and also with any others on the dance floor who signal a willingness to make you part of their Sun*Day Dance. We create a space in which everyone feels welcome and safe and free to dance any way they like to whatever music happens to be playing at any moment.

Adventure awaits. Come and dance!

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Always on the first Sunday of every month.

What to Expect

1st 15 Minutes (09:45-10:00):  Individual Warm-Up

Next 70 Minutes (10:00-11:10):  Short opening activity followed by free-style dance

Last 5 Minutes (11:10-11:15):  Short closing activity

Next Dates

01 December 2019

05 January 2020

02 February 2020


Entry is CHF 20.- for adults, 15.- for students and free for young people 16 and under with an adult.

Meet the Team

  • Robb Correll
    Robb Correll

    Co-Founder and DJ

    Robb Correll
    Robb Correll
    Co-Founder and DJ

    Co-founder, Robb Correll, gave his first dance recital when he was 4 years old and dance has been his easiest access to joy ever since. After studying classical vocal performance in the USA, he migrated to Switzerland where he has lived ever since, working as a vocal performance coach, choir director, theater director, and university lecturer in learning design. Together with his wife and co-founder of Ecstatic Dance Bern, Judith Meuwly Correll, he founded the private school Sesam, an arts integrated school dedicated to the full development of every young person’s creativity and self-expression. The school is now a place of growth and development for over 100 young people, ages 4 to 17. Conscious movement, especially 5-Rhythms, Open Floor and Medicine Dance has been a staple of Robb’s life for over 15 years, a fact that eventually led to the initiation of Ecstatic Dance Bern.

  • Judith Meuwly Correll
    Judith Meuwly Correll

    Co-Founder and DJ

    Judith Meuwly Correll
    Judith Meuwly Correll
    Co-Founder and DJ

    Judith Meuwly Correll is cofounder and director of the Tagesschule Sesam: an arts integrated school committed to promote creativity and selfexpression.
    The first time Judith Meuwly Correll was introduced to the conscious movement world was 15 years ago in a 5-rhythm workshop Robb, her husband, invited her to. She stubbornly stayed in the very corner of the room for the whole first day. The second day she ventured into the middle of the dance floor and discovered the joy in giving up thinking about what other people are doing or thinking. Dance has become an important re-sourcing practice ever since – a chance to get out of her mind and into her body. She is excited about providing a place for other people to come and nurture themselves in whichever way is right for them: be it by dancing full out in the middle of the dancefloor, by moving gently in a corner or by expressing themselves on paper either by writing or painting.

Maru Dojo

Uferweg 42, 3013 Bern SWITZERLAND

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