Welcome to Ecstatic Dance BERN

Through dance, we believe everyone can discover, unleash, and enhance their individual potential to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.
We join together in the simple and courageous act of freeform dance.
We co-create movement, music and community.

No reservations required. All are welcome, regardless of age, shape, size, range of mobility, sexual orientation, gender identification or religion.
In our Sunday dance event we focus especially on creating a space in which whole families - including those with small children - can join the dance.

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Always on the first Sunday of every month beginning at 09:45 in the Kipferhaus, Hinterkappelen – with 1 exception before the summer break in 2019

What to Expect

1st 15 Minutes:  Individual Warm-Up

Next 70 Minutes:  Short Opening Circle and Free Dance

Last 5 Minutes:  Closing Circle



03 March 2019

07 April 2019

05 May 2019

09 June 2019 (Exception: second Sunday!)

Summer Break

After the summer break we will have a new venue: 

Maru Dojo / Uferweg 42 / 3013 Bern. Times remain the same.

01 September 2019

06 October 2019

03 November 2019

01 December 2019


Dorfstrasse 9, CH-3032, Hinterkappelen, Switzerland

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